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For thousands of years, Man has been at the top of the food chain. Until the day when mysterious spheres, sheltering strange parasites, spread all over the Earth. Quickly, the entities take possession of certain inhabitants. No one knows where they came from, but what seems certain is that they are there to rid the world of the human species. Shinichi, a young high school student, is a “host” whose brain has been miraculously spared: and for good reason, his parasite Migi has taken possession of his right arm! This exceptional case will lead to a singular cohabitation. For beyond the physical fusion between Migi and Shinichi, who now share the same body and the same life, there will develop a special bond of attachment where the two beings will learn each other from each other.

GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka [Integrale]

Eikichi Onizuka, gang leader, ultimately manages to get his diploma. After suffering the full blow of the contemptuous and haughty behavior of his former teachers, he returns with a rather singular objective: to denounce and to fight this type of teaching, in his way, since he wants to become prof. Well, he also wants to take advantage of this position to attend students in mini-skirts … But this new type of teacher, a Great Teacher, nevertheless managed to impose his vision of teaching, non-conformist, to his students and teachers By perseverance, dialogue, sweat, hard work and some well-placed wrestling catch! ORIGINAL TITLE: GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka PRODUCTION YEAR: 1999 STUDIOS: Studio Pierro, SME-SPE Visual Works AUTHOR: Fujisawa Tohru GENRES: Action, Comedy

Fairy Tail

In a magical world in the middle of the country of Fiore, young Lucy aims to join the Fairy Tail Magic Guild. Arriving in a small coastal town, she hears of a famous sorcerer; A Salamander from Fairy Tail! Lucy decides to see him in person. On the way, she meets Natsu Dragneel who later saves her from Salamander, who was in fact only Bora De Providence a vile impostor! Finally Lucy thanks Natsu for saving her and the latter surprises her by inviting her to join her guild, none other than Fairy Tail: A world of magic and adventure opens for our heroes! ORIGINAL TITLE: Fairy Tail PRODUCTION YEAR: 2009 STUDIOS: Satelight, A-1 Pictures Inc. AUTHOR: Mashima Hiro

Bleach [Integrale]

The main character is Ichigo Kurosaki, a fifteen-year-old who has just returned to high school. His peculiarity, besides having orange hair and having a strong taste for the brawl inherited visibly from his father, is that he can see and touch the dead. Regularly, Ichigo encounters phantoms to which he tries to render service. One evening, a Shinigami (a term meaning a spiritual being and can be translated as “god of death”) returns to his room. The Shinigami are charged with guiding the good souls (the “More”) towards Paradise or rather the “Soul Society” and purifying the Hollows. At the same time, the house of Ichigo is attacked by a monster, one of these evil spirits. The Shinigami, called
Maria is a witch who lives at the time of the Hundred Years War and who hates conflicts. Thanks to her powers, she protects the village in which she lives and plans to expand her power on a larger scale. Whether it’s pushing dragons or soldiers, Maria is going to do everything to prevent the wars on her territory … But is it really healthy to let a witch take care of human affairs? Heaven does not see this with a good eye and then sends a celestial Knight named Ezekiel to watch her and the Archangel Michael imposes a curse on her: Maria will lose her magical powers along with her virginity!…
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